Trevor’s Slam Dunk

For those of you who are sports fans, especially those who follow college basketball and the NCAA, you would be more than familiar with Anthony Davis of the Kentucky Wildcats (well formerly). And for those of you familiar with great portrait photography and lighting, you would be more than familiar with professional photographer, Trevor Paulhus (Boston, MA + Dallas, TX).

Together, they recently met at a quickly transformed gym-to-photography-studio on UK’s campus to capture an iconic athlete for SLAM Magazine. For Trevor’ equipment needs apart from his Profoto gear, we were glad to provide our grip, seamless and contingency equipment for the shoot. Also, Allie Filley, associate photographer with Andrew Kung Photography assisted Trevor on the shoot.

Alas, we did not get to hang out with Trevor or Anthony too much this time around as everyone, including Mr. Allie Filley had hectic schedules and so we are taking a raincheck on a future get together for coffee and doughnuts (right.)

Here are some outtakes that we wanted to share, courtesy of all involved above (All images are taken as behind-the-scenes images for archiving purposes and not to be used by anyone without authorization):

 Trevor Paulhus working the Canon and Profoto combination magic.

Trevor Paulhus shooting Anthony Davis for Slam Magazine

Allie Filley and Anthony Davis face off as they swap professions.
It looks like Allie is a little apprehensive while Anthony Davis is comfortable behind the lens.
When I grow up, I want to be 6’10″.


Congrats to Anthony Davis, Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four and now with the New Orleans Hornets. View Trevor’s work and the final product on Slam Magazine’s online site here:

Many thanks to Anthony Davis, Anthony Davis Sr., Mitch Barnhart, Trevor Paulhus and Allie Filley or all their great work. The images above are not an endorsement of any brand, product or institution other than documenting the shoot conducted by Trevor for Slam Magazine.
Au Revoir,
The Andrew Kung Photography Team

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